Pearl 14-Inch Top Tuned Djembe - Artisan Weathered Oak

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Pearl 14-Inch Top Tuned Djembe - Artisan Weathered Oak

Unleash your rhythmic potential with Pearl's 14-inch djembes, designed to cater to entry-level players and seasoned musicians searching for a road-ready drum. These djembes boast a robust and unyielding 1-piece synthetic shell, offering unparalleled strength, durability, and resistance to breakage compared to their wooden counterparts. So say goodbye to worries about fragility and embrace the confidence of a drum built to withstand the rigours of the road.


  • Pearl 14-inch djembes are ideal for entry-level players and those seeking a road-ready drum.
  • The drums feature a sturdy 1-piece synthetic shell, providing strength and durability.
  • The synthetic shell is less prone to breakage compared to wooden drums.
  • The drum's weather-resistant shell enhances portability, allowing for confident on-the-go performances.
  • The convenient top-mounting tuning mechanism makes tuning adjustments and drumhead swaps effortless.
  • Each Pearl 14-inch djembe has a tuning wrench and a rich resonant simulated skin drumhead.
  • The drum is ready to play right out of the box, providing a convenient setup for immediate use.

Portability is key, and with the Pearl 14-inch djembe, you can embark on musical adventures without hesitation. Its weather-resistant shell ensures you can take your rhythms outdoors, unfazed by the elements. Let your beats resonate wherever you go, knowing that your drum is prepared to face the challenges of the environment.

Experience the epitome of modern convenience with the top-mounting tuning mechanism favoured by hand percussion pros. This ingenious feature allows for effortless tuning adjustments and hassle-free drumhead replacements. As a result, switching tunings and exploring different sounds has always been challenging.

To further enhance your drumming journey, each Pearl 14-inch djembe is accompanied by a tuning wrench and a rich, resonant simulated skin drumhead. With these essential tools included, you can dive into your rhythmic endeavours straight out of the box without any delay.

Elevate your drumming experience with Pearl's 14-inch djembes – a fusion of durability, portability, and innovative design. Unleash your creativity, explore new horizons, and let your rhythms soar with a drum ready to accompany you on every beat.