Guitar & Amp Workshop

We have a full service workshop at our Warringah Mall store, if your equipment needs servicing or is causing problems, bring it into our expert team and we will get it repaired for you.

Guitar / Bass Service & Repairs

Restring only: Acoustic, nylon string $60 | Ukulele $30 | Violin $60 - all plus cost of strings.

Acoustic set-up: Steel, classical, resonator $100
Electric set-up: Hard tail $120 | Floating Bridge $140 | Floyd Rose $155 | Bass Guitar $120
Full set-up includes:
- Set intonation
- Set string action
- Truss Rod Adjustments (if necessary)
- Check / fix all electronics / pickup system
- Clean / recondition fingerboard and frets
- General clean of instrument and any other specific customer requests.
- Restring with your choice of strings (NB: service does not include cost of strings)
- Floating & Floyd Rose also includes full detailed setup of floating tremolo / Floyd Rose whammy systems for seamless use. Ie. staying to correct pitch, intonation setup and fluidity

NB: All prices above are estimates. Additional charges may be incurred if the work exceeds an hour or if it isn’t covered under the service outline. Standard workshop service is $120/hour charged in 15 minute increments. 

Amplifier Service and Repairs

General: $140/hour charged in 15 minute increments. 
Our Technicians can do repairs on Solid State and Valve heads, combos and everything in-between* from changing tubes and speakers to performing all sorts of modifications. 

*Due to miniature printed circuit boards and digital processors, some amps might not be able to be completed in store.

Repair quote fee

Other String Instruments: 140/hour charged in 15 minute increments.
Delivery fee: $50 (15km radius, delivery to front door on ground level. Please contact store for quoted fee for delivery up stairs.