BOSS TU-05 Clip-On Tuner

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BOSS TU-05 Clip-On Chromatic Tuner

Tune with Ease! Large Color Display and Rechargeable Convenience

The TU-05 brings reliable and precise tuning to the headstock of your favourite stringed instrument. A large, high-contrast colour display and four tuning modes make this a standout tuner backed by BOSS quality. A long-lasting rechargeable battery is built-in, eliminating the cost and hassle of battery swaps. 


  • Compact and accurate clip-on tuner with high-contrast colour display
  • There are four tuning modes: guitar, 4- and 5-string bass, ukulele, or chromatic mode for alternate tunings and other stringed instruments
  • Adjustable calibration from 431 to 449 Hz
  • Rechargeable battery with up to 10 hours of continuous runtime
  • Auto power-off feature conserves battery life when not in use
  • USB cable included for charging with a standard USB power adaptor
High Visibility in Every Environment

The TU-05 features a large colour display with super-high contrast, offering excellent visibility for quick tuning anywhere you play, from dark stages to bright sunlight. The rugged, padded clip provides secure mounting on your instrument’s headstock, with a swivel neck for optimum viewing.

Rechargeable Battery

A built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous runtime, and there’s an auto power-off feature that kicks in when the tuner’s not active to conserve battery life. With the included cable, you can charge the TU-05 with the same USB adaptor you use with your phone or tablet.

Works with Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, and More

With its versatile modes and quick-change design, you can tune various instruments with the TU-05. Choose from standard tuning modes for guitar, 4- and 5-string bass, ukulele, or chromatic mode for alternate tunings and other stringed instruments. In addition, flattening over a range of three semitones down is supported, perfect for players who like to tune low for a heavier sound. And with adjustable calibration from 431 to 449 Hz, you can set the tuner to a reference other than the default 440 Hz standard.

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