SX ASH6JB Electric Bass Guitar

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SX ASH6JB Electric Bass Guitar - Natural

Discover the SX Ash Series Electric Bass Guitar: Unbeatable Value for Beginner Bass Players

Experience the perfect blend of quality construction and affordability with the SX Ash Series Electric Bass Guitar, explicitly designed for beginners and budget-conscious musicians.

Solid Foundation: American White Swamp Ash Body

Crafted with a Solid American White Swamp Ash body, this bass guitar offers a rich and resonant tone, delivering a solid foundation for your musical journey. The natural gloss finish adds a touch of visual allure.

Durable Playability: 3-Bolt Maple Neck

The 3-bolt maple neck ensures durability and playability, providing an ideal starting point for those embarking on their musical adventure.

Classic Aesthetics: Cream Bound Maple Fingerboard with Pearl Dot Inlays

The Cream Bound Maple fingerboard, adorned with Pearl Dot Inlays, adds a traditional aesthetic with a touch of elegance, making learning a pleasure.

Versatility in Play: 20 Frets and 34” Scale

Featuring 20 frets and a comfortable 34” scale, the SX Ash Series caters to various playing styles, offering a smooth learning curve for beginners.

Tonal Variety: 2 J Style Pickups and Simple Controls

Equipped with 2 J-style pickups and straightforward controls, including 2 volume and 1 tone knob on a chrome control plate, this bass guitar provides a versatile range of tones.

Stylish Contrast: White Scratchplate

The White Scratchplate adds a stylish contrast to the natural finish, enhancing the overall visual appeal of this budget-friendly gem.

Reliable Performance: Chrome Diecast Machine Heads and Vintage-Style Geared Machine Head

Designed for ease of use and reliable performance, the SX Ash Series features chrome diecast machine heads and a vintage-style geared machine head for stable tuning.

Bonus Learning Tools: UPlay Bass Guitar Guide and FREE Online Lessons

As an added bonus, the SX Ash Series Electric Bass Guitar comes with the UPlay Bass Guitar Guide and FREE Online Lessons, making it an excellent choice for beginners.


  • Solid American white swamp ash body.
  • 3 bolt maple neck.
  • Cream bound maple fingerboard with pearl dot inlays.
  • 20 frets.
  • 34” scale.
  • 2 x J style pickups
  • 2 volume and 1 tone controls.
  • Chrome control plate
  • White scratchplate.
  • Chrome diecast machine heads.
  • Chrome vintage style geared machine heads.
  • Chrome bridge.
  • Natural gloss finish.
  • Includes UPlay Bass guitar guide and free online lessons.


Upgrade your playing experience without breaking the bank – the SX Ash Series Electric Bass Guitar is your gateway to exceptional value for money and a great beginner instrument. Unleash your musical potential today with this budget-friendly gem.