Squier Sonic Stratocaster Electric Guitar - Sunburst

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Squier Sonic Stratocaster Electric Guitar - Sunburst

The Squier Sonic™ Stratocaster—a guitar that embodies the spirit of rock 'n' roll and empowers musicians to create their own sonic masterpieces. Inspired by the iconic Stratocaster design, this instrument combines vintage charm with modern features to deliver a versatile and captivating playing experience. 

The Squier Sonic™ Stratocaster commands attention with its sleek and classic body shape, instantly recognisable by music enthusiasts worldwide. But it's not just about looks—the Squier Sonic™ Stratocaster is built to deliver exceptional sound. Equipped with three high-output single-coil pickups, this guitar offers a broad range of tones that can handle everything from sparkling cleans to searing leads. With the iconic five-way pickup selector switch, you can explore a variety of sonic textures and find your own signature sound.

The "C"-shaped neck profile provides a comfortable and smooth playing experience, allowing you to effortlessly navigate the fretboard. Whether sliding into blistering solos or laying down intricate chords, the Squier Sonic™ Stratocaster offers excellent playability and responsiveness. The vintage-style synchronised tremolo bridge adds a touch of expressive flair, enabling you to add tasteful vibrato and dive-bomb effects to your playing.

Unleash your inner rockstar and ignite the stage with the Squier Sonic™ Stratocaster. With its timeless design, versatile sound, and accessible pricing, this guitar invites you to embrace your passion and unleash your true sonic potential.


  • Thin and lightweight body
  • Squier single-coil pickups
  • 6-saddle tremolo bridge
  • Sealed-gear tuning machines
  • Chrome hardware