Roland KD-220 V-Drum Bass Drum 22-Inch

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Roland KD-220 V-Drum Bass Drum 22-Inch

Drummers universally understand a full-sized kick drum's commanding presence and familiar sensation. Now, you can infuse your V-Drums kit with the sheer power and performance of an acoustic kick drum, courtesy of the KD-220. This remarkable addition allows you to seamlessly integrate the essence and impact of an acoustic bass drum into your setup.

The KD-220 comes fully equipped and ready for action, boasting a standard 22-inch, top-notch maple shell—a hallmark of acoustic excellence. In addition, Roland's cutting-edge kick trigger electronics are meticulously installed within, ensuring optimal performance. Leveraging Roland's ingenious air-damper mechanics, this innovation collaborates harmoniously with the 22-inch acoustic shell, effectively "moving air" and delivering precise resistance when the beater strikes the head. The result is unwavering and accurate triggering, accompanied by an authentic acoustic feel that drummers crave.

Designed to accommodate double kick pedals, the KD-220 effortlessly complements a wide range of playing styles. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with most V-Drums sound modules, guaranteeing compatibility and versatility. This versatility extends further to hybrid acoustic-electronic setups, enabling you to blend the visual aesthetics of an acoustic kick drum with the convenience of triggering any desired drum sound.

With the KD-220, you can embrace the sheer dominance of an acoustic kick drum while enjoying the unlimited possibilities and convenience of electronic drums. It's time to elevate your drumming experience to new heights.


  • Roland’s advanced kick trigger electronics installed in a 22-inch acoustic bass drum shell
  • High-quality, all-maple shell with custom chrome shell fittings
  • Incredible playing feel with Roland’s innovative air-damper mechanics, which work alongside the acoustic shell to ‘move air’
  • Stable and accurate triggering for single and double kick pedal work
  • Strong visual presence on stage when used with TD-50KV V-Drums
  • You can modify your own 22-inch acoustic bass drum for use with V-Drums modules, using the KD-A22 Kick Drum Converter

* Kick pedal not included with KD-220

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