Roland GO:PODCAST USB Microphone w/ Video Podcasting Studio

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Roland GO:PODCAST Video Podcasting Studio for Smartphones

GO:PODCAST is an integrated livestreaming system with the perfect blend of superior quality and intuitive operation. Using the powerful mobile app and versatile USB microphone, creating high-quality streams is simple—even for beginners. From intimate Just Chatting sessions to interviews, demonstrations, and mobile gaming streams, GO:PODCAST helps elevate your online presence with engaging video and crystal-clear sound.


  • Integrated mobile livestreaming solution with an intuitive video app and USB microphone
  • The simplest way to do high-quality livestreaming with a mobile device
  • Perfect for podcasters, vloggers, smartphone gamers, and musicians
  • Set up a two-camera system with multiple mobile device video sources, including built-in front and back cameras, a satellite camera, and wireless screen sharing
  • Overlay text and still images
  • Play video clips and audio tracks
  • Create a professional look with picture-in-picture and split-screen views
  • Enhance streams with free background music plus stock photos and videos
  • High-quality USB microphone features convenient onboard controls and four polar patterns for optimized sound capture in different situations
  • Using iOS, stream natively as a USB mic to TikTok, Instagram, Zoom, and other platforms
  • Using Android, stream natively to TikTok, X Spaces (Twitter), Skype, and other platforms
  • Use the GO:PODCAST app to stream to Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube
  • Record the main audio/video output and independent camera feeds


Level up your content
High production quality is vital to growing your audience and gaining new subscribers. GO:PODCAST helps you deliver pro results in every stream, backed by advanced features derived from Roland’s professional AV products. This complete system provides the foundation you need to create compelling content that will keep your fans coming back for more.

Fast and easy setup
Great streams don’t require complicated setups and expensive gear. GO:PODCAST lets you start streaming today with the iOS and Android mobile devices you already own. Connect the included microphone to your smartphone via USB-C and plug headphones into the stereo mini jack for monitoring. Then open the GO:PODCAST app to set up your camera and directly connect to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and other streaming platforms.

Versatile camera capture
The flexible GO:PODCAST app supports a variety of video setups to meet your streaming needs. Dial in your self-facing camera for solo sessions. Or simultaneously use the front and back cameras on an iOS device to capture you and a discussion partner. For dynamic demonstrations, seamlessly integrate a second mobile device as a wireless camera using the companion Roland Satellite Camera app. And if you’re an iOS mobile gamer, you can share your screen to entertain your audience with gripping gameplay. It’s even possible to record camera views separately for offline content creation and editing.

Pro production tools
The GO:PODCAST app is filled with powerful tools to boost your production quality. Use the step-by-step wizard to add a range of video options, including split-screen views and picture-in-picture effects. Import graphics for titles and lower thirds to achieve a polished, professional aesthetic. And personalize your streams with images, background music, and video content stored on your mobile device.

High-quality audio hub
Even if your video looks great, viewers will quickly tune out if the audio is subpar. The GO:PODCAST microphone features a full-range condenser design, allowing you to capture voices and other sources with clear, warm, and articulate sound. There’s a convenient dual-function volume knob for the mic and headphone jack, plus an audio meter for setting optimum levels. The built-in stand provides easy desk positioning and a stable, isolated platform that helps keep the sound free of low-frequency rumble.

Optimize your sound with multiple polar patterns
The GO:PODCAST mic includes four polar pattern options, an advanced feature not typically found on USB mics for mobile devices. Cardioid rejects rear sounds, making it the best choice for solo speaking. Omni picks up sound from every direction, which is ideal when you want to capture all the sound in a room. Stereo is perfect for recording two people, and it’s also great for capturing the depth and richness of an acoustic guitar or another live musical instrument. There’s also a switched stereo option to flip the left/right audio to match your video image if needed.

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