Stereo VideoMic X/Y On-Camera Condenser Microphone

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10 years
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RØDE | Stereo X/Y VideoMic On-Camera Condenser Microphone

the Rode SVM is a very special product born out of the success of the original VideoMic, now the worlds best-selling on-camera shotgun microphone. Designed to produce the same sound quality and performance fas the VideoMic but in stereo system. 

Key Features:

  • High-quality condenser on-camera microphone
  • Broadcast sound quality
  • Two-stage high-pass filter and PAD
  • Ruggered cast aluminium body
  • custom designed integral windshield
  • DeadKitten windshield included
  • 9V battery powered
  • Integradted camera-shoe mount
  • 10-year warranty with purchase registration