Looper Pedal Guitar Lessons Book with Video Lessons Included

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Looper Pedal Guitar Lessons Book with Video Lessons Included

In recent years, looping has exploded in popularity, with countless players exploiting the newest technology to truly become “one-person bands.” From the mostly guitar-based looping of Ed Sheeran, to the vocal-heavy layering of Reggie Watts or the multi-instrument sonic walls of sound from Jacob Collier, artists of disparate genres are turning the looping concept into an art form unto itself. In Looper Pedal Guitar Lessons, author Chad Johnson breaks down everything you need to know to successfully use a looper in your rig, which includes:

• Equipment–including different types of loop pedals and how to set up a live or studio looping rig

• How a looper pedal works and what types of features are available

• How to choose the best looper pedal for your needs

• Basic techniques with a single-loop pedal

• Advanced techniques possible with multi-track loopers

• Using other effect pedals in conjunction with the looper

• How to incorporate a mic looper to expand your possibilities further

This valuable book also includes in-depth video demonstrations that give you quick tips on how to put the knowledge within this book into practice!

Video is accessed online for download or streaming.