Jupiter Complete Care Kit for Clarinet (JCM-CLK1)


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Jupiter Complete Care Kit for Clarinet (JCM-CLK1)

Looking to keep your clarinet in top condition? The Jupiter Complete Care Kit has everything you need to maintain and protect your instrument. This kit includes a swab for cleaning the inside of the clarinet, a polishing cloth for keeping the outside shiny, cork grease for lubrication, and a mouthpiece brush for cleaning the mouthpiece.

With the Jupiter Complete Care Kit, you can rest easy knowing that your clarinet is being cared for properly. This is especially important for students who are just starting out on their musical journey and want to ensure that their instrument lasts for years to come.

Don't let neglect or improper maintenance shorten the life of your clarinet. Order the Jupiter Complete Care Kit today and keep your instrument playing beautifully for years to come!

The Jupiter Clarinet Care Kit includes:

  • Polish Cloth
  • Body Swab
  • Mouthpiece Brush
  • Duster Brush
  • Cork Grease
  • Reed Holder
  • Pad Paper
  • Case ID Tag.