DXP Drum Stool + Kick Pedal Beginner Drum Hardware Pack

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DXP Drum Stool + Kick Pedal Beginner Drum Hardware Pack

Perfect Add-On for your Beginner Electronic Drum Kit

The DXP DXPTP5 Drum stool and kick pedal provide an excellent solution for budget-conscious beginners, students, or young players diving drumming. Most electronic kits don't include essential hardware components like a stool or pedal, making this pack particularly valuable for those just starting out.

Crafted to deliver exception value for money, the DXPTP5 includes a padded seat that can be easily adjusted to the desired height by rotating the threaded "wormhole" height adjustment shaft. Its double-braced legs offer sturdy support where needed, ensuring stability during practice sessions. The kick pedal, featuring a double chain and a spacious footboard, caters to both novice players and professionals seeking a dependable pedal.

Mall Music proudly offers a diverse range of Drum Stools and Kick Pedals, including the DXP DXPTP5 Drum Stool and Kick Pedal Add-On Pack. This product has gained popularity as one of our best-sellers, addressing the common omission of essential components in many beginner electronic kits. It serves as the perfect add-on pack for enhancing the experience of TD-07 or TD-07 kit users.