Altamira N300CC Classical Crossover Classical Nylon String Guitar w/ Cutaway + EQ

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Altamira N300CC Classical Crossover Classical Nylon String Guitar w/ Cutaway + EQ

Experience the fusion of acoustic richness and electric versatility like never before with the Altamira N300CC. Let your music resonate with brilliance and depth. Elevate your artistry and make a profound statement with this exceptional hybrid crossover guitar - an investment that will inspire your creativity and captivate your audience with every chord you play.

The Altamira N300CC Hybrid Crossover Guitar is the ultimate choice for musicians seeking the perfect blend of acoustic charm and electric versatility. This exceptional instrument caters to acoustic and electric players who desire the unmatched allure of a nylon-string guitar.

Designed with precision and passion, the N300CC boasts a sleek and slender nut width, providing unparalleled comfort and ease of playability. Its fingerboard radius enhances your playing experience, allowing for seamless transitions across the frets, ensuring you effortlessly explore the full range of your musical expression.

The N300CC's carefully crafted cutaway design grants unrestricted access to the higher frets, allowing you to unleash your creativity and conquer even the most intricate melodies. Equipped with high-quality Fishman EQ pickup, this guitar guarantees an exceptional amplified sound, making it an excellent companion for live performances and studio recordings.

Whether you're a seasoned nylon-string enthusiast or an electric player looking to delve into the captivating world of classical tones, the Altamira N300CC Hybrid Crossover Guitar delivers the best of both worlds. Its unique combination of features opens up endless possibilities for crafting soul-stirring melodies in various genres.


  • Solid Spruce Top
  • African Mahogany Neck
  • Laminated Indian Rosewood Back and Sides
  • Matte Finish
  • Indian Rosewood Fingerboard
  • 650 mm (standard) Scale Length
  • 48 mm nut width
  • Truss Rod
  • Radius Fingerboard
  • Curved cutaway
  • Fishman EQ pickup