Roland LX9 Upright Digital Piano & Stool - Polished White

10 Year
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Roland LX9 Upright Digital Piano & Stool - Polished White

Embark on a musical journey like no other with the Roland LX9, the epitome of cutting-edge digital piano technology.

As the flagship model in the prestigious LX lineup, the LX-9 sets the standard for premium grand performance housed within an elegant upright cabinet. Harnessing Roland's unparalleled Piano Reality Modeling approach, this piano delivers a grand concert experience that rivals even the best acoustic grand pianos, with an array of modern conveniences that cater to the discerning musician of today.


  • Premier upright piano with elegant high-gloss and non-polished finishes and finely crafted details
  • Designed with Roland's advanced Piano Reality approach for a refined musical experience
  • Piano Reality Modeling sound engine provides authentic grand piano sound and response with unlimited polyphony
  • Hybrid Grand keyboard with progressive hammer action, escapement, hybrid wood/molded keys with Ivory Feel, long key pivot length, and unique haptic vibration
  • High Precision Sensing technology for ultra-detailed touch response
  • Progressive Damper Action, soft, and sostenuto pedals with continuous detection, damper modelling, and support for traditional techniques
  • Piano Reality Projection sound system with advanced sonic processing, premium audio components, and eight speakers with a dedicated centre channel
  • Smart touch blackout panel with intuitive icons 
  • The top lid can be set to open or closed
  • Low-maintenance design that never needs tuning
  • Connect a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to play along with favourite songs and work with MIDI music apps

Immersive Sound Experience
Experience the depth and richness of sound that only Roland's advanced Piano Reality Modeling technology can provide. From the subtlest pianissimo to the most commanding fortissimo, the LX-9 responds with a dynamic range and nuanced playability that breathes life into your music. Add depth to specific notes by half-pedalling with the continuous sustain pedal of the Responsive Damper Action. Elevate your performance further by customising the piano's timbre to suit your preferences, unlocking a realm of expressive possibilities that set the LX-9 apart from the rest.

A Symphony of Sounds

Delve into a symphony of sounds with the LX-9's extensive tonal nuances and expressive capabilities, intuitively adapting to your every touch. Whether you're seeking a soothing, dignified timbre or a dynamically bright response, the LX-9 effortlessly mirrors your emotions and technique, allowing your passion for shining through in every note.

Alluring Touch Technology
Experience an organic playing sensation that responds naturally to your touch, from commanding fortissimo passages to delicate trills. The LX-9's sensitive keyboard precisely translates unlimited tonal colours, while features like haptic feedback and the escapement mechanism provide immediate acoustic interaction for a truly immersive playing experience. Long hybrid keys allow for a consistent weighted feel regardless of the hand position on the keyboard, reducing the risk of strain during extended practice sessions or performances. 

Surround Yourself with Music
The ambience of your surroundings is integral to the acoustic piano experience. With Piano Reality Ambience, you can transport yourself to six distinct environments, from the grandeur of a concert hall to the intimacy of a studio space. Eight speakers intricately reproduce the nuances of various instrument components, from resonating strings to subtle hammer noises. For private practice sessions, simply plug in your headphones for an immersive solo experience.

Sophisticated Design
With its classic upright design and sophisticated presence, the LX-9 commands attention in any setting. Say goodbye to the hassles of regular tuning and maintenance costs—thanks to its digital design, the LX-9 offers a sound investment that requires none of the upkeep associated with acoustic pianos.

Unlock Digital Possibilities
Unlock the full potential of the LX-9 with the Roland Piano App and other music apps via Bluetooth connectivity. Access deeper settings, play along with streamed music, find digital scores, and more. Whether you're honing your skills or performing for an audience, the LX-9 offers endless possibilities to explore and create.

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