Roland LX6 Upright Digital Piano & Stool - Polished Ebony


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Roland LX6 Upright Digital Piano & Stool - Polished Ebony

Elevate Your Playing and Discover the Striking Performance of the Roland LX6

Step into a realm of musical excellence with the LX-6, the mid-level digital piano within the new Roland LX Series that embodies the pinnacle of Roland's Piano Reality Modeling technology. Crafted to deliver a refined musical experience, the LX-6 combines flagship-grade features with streamlined design, offering phenomenal performance and versatility. Dive deep into nuanced expression with adjustable tone and responsive keys, all housed within a classic upright design. With maintenance-free upkeep and cutting-edge features, the LX-6 is the perfect instrument to propel your musical journey.


  • Roland's advanced Piano Reality Modeling approach delivers an authentic grand piano sound and response
  • Piano Reality Modeling sound engine provides unlimited polyphony for a truly immersive playing experience
  • Hybrid Grand keyboard with progressive hammer action, escapement, and Ivory Feel materials for a natural playing feel
  • High Precision Sensing technology ensures ultra-detailed touch response
  • Progressive Damper Action, soft, and sostenuto pedals with continuous detection and damper modelling
  • Piano Reality Projection sound system with five speakers and premium audio components for immersive sound
  • Smart blackout touch panel with intuitive icons for easy navigation
  • The low-maintenance design eliminates the need for tuning
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play along with favourite songs and access MIDI music apps
  • Companion Roland Piano App enables control of LX-6 features and exploration of lessons
  • Advanced metronome, recorder, and dual headphone jacks for daily practice
  • USB ports for connecting with computers and flash storage devices
  • Available in polished ebony, charcoal black, and dark rosewood finishes

Immerse Yourself in Musical Excellence
Step into a world of musical excellence with the LX-6, a mid-level piano within the LX lineup that boasts the same breathtaking sounds and key touch as the flagship LX-9 model. Experience the rich tonal palette of a world-class piano as you fine-tune every aspect of your sound, from timbre to resonance, with Roland's advanced Piano Reality Modeling technology, capturing every dynamic expression with unparalleled precision.

A Symphony of Expression
Unlock a vast range of tonal variation and expression that responds naturally to your playing. Whether playing softly for a mellow tone or crescendoing with brightness, the LX-6 captures every nuance of your performance with unparalleled clarity and depth.

Unmatched Keyboard Feel
The LX-6's precision keyboard offers weighted action, escapement, and long Hybrid Grand keys with a natural Ivory Feel. From advanced articulations to dynamic expressions, this top-flight keyboard transforms your intentions into music with effortless grace.

Immersive Sound Environments
With Piano Reality Ambience, you can transport yourself to four different environments, from the reverberation of a concert hall to the intimacy of a lounge. The Piano Reality Projection sound system delivers highly accurate acoustic sound elements, while headphones provide an enveloping playing experience.

Elegant Design, Seamless Integration
With its elegant upright look and blackout touch panel, the LX-6 seamlessly integrates into any space. Plus, with easy installation and customisation options, you can tailor the LX-6 to perfectly suit your personal style and surroundings.

Total Control Over Your Sound
Refine every aspect of your piano's sound with intuitive controls and advanced parameters. With the Roland Piano App, you can adjust string tuning, temperament, resonance, and more to create your ideal acoustic performance.

Empower Your Practice and Performance
Level up your practice sessions and performances with cutting-edge digital tools. Pair your piano with the Roland Piano App via Bluetooth, record your practice sessions, play same-range duets with Twin Piano mode, and more.

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